Let's journey together

Dealing With Life's Questions

Why do you look the way you look? Why do bad things happen? What happens when you pray? Is God good? What if these questions could be answered?

21 Verses on Trusting God

Life is unpredictable. Even with the best plans and intentions, no one can predict for sure what will come their way in life..

Become a Digital Missionary

People and technology today are fast changing. A new harvest field has emerged, in need of much more laborers - the digital space.


Student Led Movement

Win the campus today, win the world tomorrow!

Global Church Movement

Building multiplying churches and faith communities.

Leader Strategies

We are committed to help fulfill the Great Commission by reaching the seven mountains.

Digital Strategies

Digital Space is the new mission field.

Our Mission

To be a major catalyst in developing Christ-centered multiplying disciples to strategically fulfill the Great Commission for transformation.

Journeying with 11,502 people , 259 Partners , 340 Campuses , 21 City Teams , & 301 Churches.

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